Why You Should Prioritize Home Staging Before Listing Your Property.

When it comes to selling a property, the best practice is to engage your agent or your agents professional home stager for a comprehensive walk-through of your home. This step allows them to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of your space, unlocking its full potential. At Ocean Life, our philosophy revolves around the concept that 'less is more.' We believe in showcasing your home while leaving ample room for potential buyers to envision their own lives within it.

Partial Stage

The optimal starting point is a clean slate. However, if you're still occupying the home during the listing process, we offer what we call a 'partial stage.' In this scenario, we recommend removing or safely storing any items of personal value to you, minimizing the risk of breakage and ensuring a clutter-free presentation. We then step in to strategically place our carefully curated decor items and furniture pieces throughout your home. This not only fills those empty spaces but also imparts a harmonious flow, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout your entire home.

Full Stage

When the home is vacant or unoccupied, we have the opportunity to perform a full staging. This involves bringing in substantial pieces of furniture to craft an ambiance that simulates actual habitation, providing prospective buyers with a glimpse of how the space could be personalized with their own belongings. This approach ensures that potential buyers are inspired by the possibilities rather than faced with an empty canvas that leaves little room for imagination.